Message from the Chairman

ong-keng-yong-sif-chairmanSingapore’s success has been in its ability to adapt quickly to constant change. We are a small island city state – a little red dot on the world map. We are affected by what happens around us. We need to adjust our goals and operational plans from time to time as the surroundings shift and transform.

The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) is no different. The SIF is a small body in the midst of bigger organisations and influenced by the policy environment it dwells in. Like the country, the SIF has scored well as it evolved over the past 25 years and undertook the many missions entrusted to it. For this, we must thank the staff of the SIF and its friends and supporters who endeavoured to make the SIF relevant and cherished. Their adaptability and resilience are most remarkable.

Today, the SIF continues to reach out to Singaporeans living in different parts of the globe and connect with world communities that appreciate friendship with Singapore as well as what Singapore stands for.

The SIF brings Singaporeans and world communities together to share ideas, skills and experiences to effect positive change and uplift lives in areas such as education, environment, healthcare, business and livelihood as well as arts and culture. When people collaborate to effect positive change, they gain insights that strengthen mutual understanding and build trust. The friendships and networks created have opened many doors to opportunities, and possibilities of cooperation and collaboration.

The SIF has also harnessed the power of technology and digital media. The SIF’s digital storytelling initiative – Our Better World – has enabled us to highlight the generosity of people to help others and inspire more active global citizenry. More importantly, Our Better World reaffirms humanity and its essence in this age of the Internet and fast-moving technology. Indeed, we can build a better world with more sharing and caring.

As the SIF celebrates 25 years of enduring ties between Singaporeans and world communities, we remain focused on growing our connections and engagements. We are proud of our Singaporean Citizen Ambassadors, our international Friends of Singapore and our outstanding programme alumni. It is both heartening and humbling when our friends continually reach out to stay in touch with SIF.

Every day brings an alumnus or a friend back into the SIF circle. This deepens the resolve of staff and supporters to strengthen cross-cultural understanding and energise engagement with world communities. Whether through multi-dimensional exchanges, collaboration in humanitarian projects, social entrepreneurship or the digital platform, every person can play a positive role to build a better future for all.

Let us work together. Three cheers for the SIF’s 25th anniversary!