Our vision is simple: Making friends for a better world.

Our mission is clear: Through shared ideas, skills and experiences, we uplift lives and create greater understanding between Singaporeans and world communities.

Our aim is to strengthen mutual understanding, ties and trust between global communities. We believe that when people from different parts of the world work together, they gain insights that bridge cultural divides and the sharing of ideas, skills and experiences inspires actions and enables collaborations for good.

We do this because we believe we all can, and should, do our part to build a better world – one we envision as peaceful, inclusive and offers opportunities for all.

Our work is meaningful: All our programmes connect communities, enable collaborations and effect change.

  • Cultural Exchange, which connects Singaporeans and world communities through arts and culture to promote mutual understanding and collaborations for positive social change.
  • Good Business, which connects global communities through social entrepreneurship and professional work exchange to enhance cross-cultural ties and enable collaborations that result in sustainable change.
  • Volunteer Cooperation, which contributes to positive and sustainable development in Asia when Singaporean volunteers work alongside their counterparts to share expertise and effect change, while fostering greater intercultural understanding.
  • Our Better World, which tells stories of people doing good in Asia, harnesses the power of the digital space to inspire active global citizenry and build a better world.

Our values that guide us:

  • Excellence: We give our best in all that we do, being dynamic and innovative in creating value to further our mission and deliver on our promises.
  • Collaborative: We value relationships and harness the power of partnerships because we firmly believe we can achieve more together.
  • People-Centred: We are people-centred because our success is achieved through, for and by people.

The work of the Foundation is enabled by many – our programme partners, donors, Friends of Singapore and Citizen Ambassadors who share our vision of making friends for a better world.